Friday, May 29, 2015

Golf's largest weed problem

I have be accused of a lot of things, some more true than I would like to believe, but I am not a tree hater.
I love trees, they are beautiful and amazing creatures.
Ever since humans have learned how to plant trees, we have made lots of goofy choices regarding this practice.
Golf is a great example.
This is the time of year that trees are fertile, and with that comes the absolute downpour of flowers and flowering structures of trees. Here at Briar, we are spending an incredible amount of labor dealing with this issue. The morning dew works like glue to stick the debris on the rollers of our precision mowing equipment. After one pass, a machine that was meant to cut off .020" of a grass plant for a height of .125" is now mowing no where near the target.
The result, shaggy greens that are slow.
We have gone to rolling in the am, to remove the dew, and then mowing in the afternoon when they are dry. I apologize if you see the mowers out in the afternoons, no, I haven't lost my mind, I am trying to outwit Mother Nature.
Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience, we are trying to provide the best surface for you and your guests.
We appreciate your understanding.
Have a nice two putt,

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