Monday, September 22, 2014

Pokey day

It's pokey pokey day at Briar Ridge country club!
We are doing the white today and the blue tomorrow, if all goes well we will work the red in the afternoon and hopefully complete all 27 in two days.
This is quite a process.
You can see how we do it here
There are some signs of fall, the grasses being one of them.
Happy Monday,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Soft" spikes

It appears that the golf industry's shoe manufacturers don't understand the "less is more" concept. They have actually turned a good thing bad. When soft spikes came out, it was amazing, you could play in the afternoon with little or no disruption from spike marks. Then, someone figured if a little traction was good, bigger and deeper spikes with plastic triangles in between must be better! Now, greens look like war zones after a few hours, and the turf that is pulled up is larger than it was with metal spikes.
Please be considerate to your fellow golfers, be aware that someone may have to putt where you are treading, so tread lightly. Remember, "soft" spikes are a thing of the past, they are not so "soft" anymore.
Dragging my feet,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Snapping turtle habitat

Golf courses have been noted for their ability to provide habitats in non-play areas, but what about playable areas? Staff noticed a snapping turtle hatch in four blue bunker this week. The little critters emerged out of a small hole up by the edge. The rough mowers skipped this area for a day allowing them a passage way to the pond.
Seems like it's always something new,