Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cross country date change / end of season

Due to the awesome forecast, we have moved the cross country to Saturday. If you still want to play it on Friday, it will be set up and we will have scorecards for you. We will tee it up at 10am on Saturday morning. Guests are welcome, and the scoring will be a Peoria system, so if you have three guests, bring em out!!
The temps have done a good job freezing the turf. Our green profiles are now freezing through the night and not thawing in the daytime. What that means for us here at Briar, is that we will be open on temporary greens only until spring. The original back nine will have temporary greens.
Tonight, come get your pre-thanksgiving groove on as Nicole Jamrose plays in the Turn.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cross Country time!!!!

The weather has certainly taken a turn.  Being stuck inside is no fun.  

      "So sad......wish I was playing golf"

We take the course and turn it inside out and backwards!!  The big cups are in place in some interesting locations and the tee markers set for nine holes of some extreme golf.  
   This hole location is the old forward         tee on nine red!

The ladies will play the cross country course this Friday.  Meet at the fire pit at 10:00am, golf will follow.  Chef Harry's chilli awaits you inside after the round.  The ladies may play nine, or five, or three, doesn't matter come on out.

This year, ice may work to your advantage.....

The men will play on the most favorable day following Thanksgiving!  Format is two man scramble, pick your partner, Peoria handicapping, net and gross winners.  Bring your guests from Thanksgiving out for a round to remember!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Golf cart storage

Well, it looks like it is that time of year again, time to think about snow skiing, but for my golfing friends, time to think about storing your golf cart for the winter. I always get questions about the winterizing process, this year I thought I would post a simple checklist for you. 

little Ralphie on a cart
  • Turn the key switch to the "off' position, remove the key, and leave the forward/reverse switch in the "neutral" position during storage. Then place the tow/run switch in the "tow" position. Note: since the battery warning light does not illuminate with the key in the "off" position and the tow switch in "tow," do not use the warning light as an indication of the batteries' charge state.
  • Clean the battery packs, tops and terminals using a battery acid neutralizer (1 cup baking soda per 1 gallon water). Check, clean, tighten and treat battery terminal connections with a battery terminal protector spray. Tighten all battery cable connections.
  • Check the water levels in each battery cell. If water is required, fill the cells to cover the plates, charge the set, and then use distilled water to top off each cell at least ½ inch above the plates or to the level indicator.
Batteries showing corrosion on terminal. note the installation date

  • You may leave battery chargers plugged in during storage. If cars are equipped with an on board computer, the OBC automatically will activate the charger when needed.
  • If the battery charger is left plugged in during extended storage, check the electrolyte level and the charger function at least once a month to ensure that proper operation is maintained. To check charger function, disconnect the DC cord (stationary charger) from the vehicle or the AC cord (on board charger) from the power source and wait five seconds before reconnecting. The charger is functioning properly if the ammeter indicates current.
  • If AC power is off for seven days or more, the OBC will not function or charge the vehicle again until it has been restarted. To restart the computer, make sure AC power has been restored, disconnect the DC cord (stationary charger) from the vehicle or the AC cord (on board charger) from the power source, wait five seconds and reconnect.
Tow Switch
  • Be sure to check the batteries monthly to maintain the correct water level in the batteries and to ensure the charger is operating correctly during storage.
  • Disconnect the batteries for the storage period if any of the following conditions exist: the charger cannot remain plugged in continuously, AC power will not be available during extended storage, or if electrolyte levels will not be maintained.
  • Check tire pressure and inflate to 18 to 20 PSI, or as called for in the owner's manual.
  • Perform all semiannual lubrications.
  • Thoroughly clean the front and rear body, seats, battery compartment and underside of vehicle.
  • Make sure the storage facility has adequate outside ventilation.
  • Do not engage the park brake, but secure the car from rolling. (keeps pressure off the brake components)
Have a great weekend, 
Go Lions! (It's not to late to jump on the bandwagon)

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weather change, cross country

Heads up,
The weather is changing!
We will be blogging over the next couple of days about winterizing your lawn equipment, golf carts, and small engines. One of our favorite products is seafoam, seen here at a home product megastore.
The cross country course is ready, should be epic, more detail to follow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Irrigation system protection

Many people equate the golf course irrigation system to the one they have for their yard and landscape. The system we have for the course is slightly different. Several miles of pipe and wire connect to over a thousand heads. 26 green boxes serve as communication satellites to the individual irrigation stations.
Every year when blowing the system is complete, I am grateful for a safe procedure. If the 2 inch hose from the compressor were to come loose, severe injury or death could result.
The age of our system requires that we take extra steps to maintain it. We want to make sure we keep this integral system fully functional for as long as we can.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Golf season 2014 coming to a close

Looking at the extended forecast, we may be moving to temporary greens shortly. We close the regular greens to play as they freeze overnight, and fail to completely thaw before play. It looks like we may be ok this weekend, but if the long range forecast remains, it won't be much past the 10th potentially.
We are blowing out irrigation the next couple of days.
Have a great day,