Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cross Country time!!!!

The weather has certainly taken a turn.  Being stuck inside is no fun.  

      "So sad......wish I was playing golf"

We take the course and turn it inside out and backwards!!  The big cups are in place in some interesting locations and the tee markers set for nine holes of some extreme golf.  
   This hole location is the old forward         tee on nine red!

The ladies will play the cross country course this Friday.  Meet at the fire pit at 10:00am, golf will follow.  Chef Harry's chilli awaits you inside after the round.  The ladies may play nine, or five, or three, doesn't matter come on out.

This year, ice may work to your advantage.....

The men will play on the most favorable day following Thanksgiving!  Format is two man scramble, pick your partner, Peoria handicapping, net and gross winners.  Bring your guests from Thanksgiving out for a round to remember!!!

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