Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Ralph

Well, he is growing up.  Ralph is mostly good, sweet, and getting very big.  He reminds me much of Marley and the word he most often hears is "No."  Our training sessions will become more frequent as the winter draws nearer.  I actually considered taking him golfing today, but common sense prevailed.  He loves us even though we are mostly frustrated with him, I wonder why we forgive his flaws, and hold on to those of our family and friends so much that it keeps us from drawing close.  I think today I will try to see the people around me as puppies, trying to grow into there large feet and block heads.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Number One Crew

If you are wondering what a number one crew looks like, here it is. This is the grounds staff at Briar Ridge Country Club, a great collection of hard workers, caring, and talented individuals. I can't express how lucky I'am to have so many great people to work with. It seems like we have created a unique working atmosphere at Briar, in the summer it is hot, we work long days, and constantly, we are trying to improve. Considering all of the stress and pressure, we still manage to laugh, relax, and enjoy each other. I admire the bonds that the staff has managed to make with each other. The bonds that are made at Briar Ridge cross racial, religious, and socio-economic barriers. Each of the individuals pictured, and the few who are not, all have a deep respect for one another. We have fostered a true team atmosphere in our department. I am proud of all of those who were part of our 2009 staff. I want to thank them all for a great job. They truely make a small private country club in Northwest Indiana one of the finest in the area. I hope I do all I can to make them understand what great people they are and how much I appreciate them.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter prep

Well, smoking irrigation heads can only mean one thing; winter is approaching in the North.  We are beginning to bring in course amenities, and prepare the course for the winter.  I really think we will see some warm autumn days yet, so don't give up hope.  Ralph is growing up, that is him in the photo.  Ralph is six months now, still eats everything that will fit in his mouth, and probably thinks "no" is the only word in my vocabulary.  He is starting to show signs that he will be a great dog someday, soon I hope.  Look for an article in the Times this weekend about the environmental efforts here at Briar Ridge Country Club, we have many aspects of our operation that we are proud of.  Maybe ralph can get a photo-op, that is of course if he doesn't eat the camera.

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