Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aerification of White Course Greens

We have completed the aerification of the white course greens.  They have received two rollings.  We plan to drag, blow, and then put a dry mowing on them.  I rolled a ball on them yesterday and the ball rolled well.  We hope that they will heal in quickly, the weather is certainly cooperating for some fast recovery.  Here is an aerial shot of us filling in the holes with sand.  This is a tremendous effort and this team always does an awesome job!
staff sweeping sand that have been dried in a Kiln into the aerification holes
Be sure to check your Briar Ridge emails, we have some awesome events coming up and we don't want you to miss out on the fun.  Thanks for all the great comments about the course this year, the staff has done a wonderful job and I am proud to be apart of their team.
See you on the tee,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Aerification update

We began aerification of greens today. The plan is to complete the white course, and let them heal before moving to another course. Several factors led us in this direction this year, one of which is the favorable forecast for above average fall temperatures. If the forecast changes, we may try and complete the red and blue together in the coming weeks, but for now we would like to do nine holes at a time.
Tees and fairway aerification will begin Monday through Wednesday when weather permits and green aerifying is not taking place.
Thanks for your support during these cultural events,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Creepy things on the golf course

Fall is a good time to manage the things that creep on the course. In this instance, our collar and green edges. Through regular mowing, the edges of different playing surfaces will move. You may notice some red dots painted on the course. These identify the areas that we are re establishing as either collar or green edges.
It is a beautiful day on the course, come out and enjoy, you can stay for trivia in the turn as well.
Have a delightful day,

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Aerification time

We have made it through another summer. It is time to aerify the greens, tees. and fairways. We will begin aerification on greens next Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. We will follow our same protocols as years past, so we anticipate they will be playable soon.
Be sure to check out upcoming events at the club, we have some great events planned.
Trivia, October harvest fest, and tailgating, all coming up!
See you soon,

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Preparing for Labor Day

Today we are putting some final touches on the course before Labor Day.  This is a sad weekend as it is really the end of our busy golf season.  Alberto is sharpening greens mowers as our topdressing sand from monday is abrasive and leaves them pretty dull.  The greens should respond well to the cultural practices that we did early in the week (needle tine aerification and topdressing), so they should roll nicely for you and all putts will drop!
I took advantage of the late sunrise and shot a few photos you may enjoy.  I am sharpening my pilot skills and hope to construct some impressive fly-bys soon.  I may even play some music to them.  Good luck to all the participants in the club championship!  I hope the weather cooperates.  The course is ready and is calling you!

One thing I notice is that you can see a bunch of detail that you don't see from the ground.  I'm not sure I like this, kinda like having those unflattering lights in the bathroom mirror.
Have an awesome day and remember, your thoughts control your feelings,