Thursday, September 3, 2015

Preparing for Labor Day

Today we are putting some final touches on the course before Labor Day.  This is a sad weekend as it is really the end of our busy golf season.  Alberto is sharpening greens mowers as our topdressing sand from monday is abrasive and leaves them pretty dull.  The greens should respond well to the cultural practices that we did early in the week (needle tine aerification and topdressing), so they should roll nicely for you and all putts will drop!
I took advantage of the late sunrise and shot a few photos you may enjoy.  I am sharpening my pilot skills and hope to construct some impressive fly-bys soon.  I may even play some music to them.  Good luck to all the participants in the club championship!  I hope the weather cooperates.  The course is ready and is calling you!

One thing I notice is that you can see a bunch of detail that you don't see from the ground.  I'm not sure I like this, kinda like having those unflattering lights in the bathroom mirror.
Have an awesome day and remember, your thoughts control your feelings,

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