Tuesday, June 23, 2009

That strange glowing orb in the sky

We have had a day and a half with no rain, we will see what today brings. Yesterday was the first day in a week that one of our fairways was mown. We have been very cool and wet, now the heat is here along with humidity. This weather is perfect for growing fungus. The flowers seem to be enjoying some warm weather, as well as the mosquitos. Don't forget to arm yourself with bug spray. Remember, bug spray kills turf, please spray yourself on the paths.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mother Nature sent me to my room

This week began very good for us. We managed to get many things done that the rain actually helped us to accomplish. We put down grub control in fairways, made applications of CaSi and Gypsum to greens, fertilized some weak areas, and even aerified greens with pencil tines (tines about the size of, you guessed it....pencils, nice playable surface immediately following. The golf course was looking good and we had caught up with the mowing of rough which some members claimed they had lost balls, clubs, and family members in.
Last night brought about another 1 3/4" of rain. This is where the good beginning met the not-so-good middle. We had just finished putting the bunkers back into shape, and now we are wot pumping them again. We are clearing drains and pushing water. Rain is in the forecast for the next three days, hopefully it misses us.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day by Day

Everyday is an adventure for my staff and I. We never quite know what we are going to encounter. All types of things throw us curve balls; weather, vandalism, mechanical breakdown, and even human nature. In this business, the only thing that happens rapidly is crop failure. Turf grass can go from green to brown very quickly. When turf death happens, recovery is a slow process ranging from weeks, to months, to even years.

Today, while talking with a young man about a young woman's battle with cancer, I was amazed at his maturity and wisdom. It was comforting to me that there remains well raised young men and women, as the media attempts to disembowel my faith in mankind. This young college student when discussing the future of someone he cares deeply about, was not bitter nor discouraged. The conversation ended as he simply stated, "we just have to take it day by day."

Growing turf for a living is strange, it is a great deal of pressure to produce extreme conditions solely for recreation. I constantly have to remind myself that I am not saving lives out there, it is, in the end, just grass. Golfers, if you know any, get very serious about conditions. They want the greens fast now, the rough cut now, the bunkers fixed now. I cannot fault anyone, my customers (members) have paid their money for the product. They would like it now, not next month, or next year. It is very easy to become influenced to the now pressures, giving in and becoming frustrated at the snails pace that progress and even life's journey trudges on at.

The now pressure slowly creeps into your life if allowed to go unchecked. It appears non-threatening at first., "I better do this right now, or I will forget." Pretty soon, the now slips into your non-work schedule, unhappiness is the first warning sign. Everywhere your critical eye looks is something in need of improvement, picking out the smallest task and accomplishing it gives no or little pleasure for the progress is minuscule compared to the list of to dos.

My job requires a great deal of observation, I am constantly on the lookout of the details gone awry. This approach is mainly critical, looking for the areas in which to improve, so that we can take the course "to the next level," which is another post some other day. Combine the critical eye, with the now syndrome, and you get "everything looks like garbage, and I need it fixed by the end of the day today" disease.

Until a young man speaks to you........

I am guilty of impatience. I want it now, I want to know it will all be OK. I want to live in a house you see in the movies, where friends drop by and everything is in its place. I want the tournament course you see on t.v. that is pristine and perfect. I want to be completely organized, have my golf swing perfect, and a chiseled sculpture of abs.

Sometimes, most times, we can't have it now, and we don't know how things will turn out. We have to wait, be patient, and take it day by day. But, if we pay attention, we can realize that we are not in it alone, the voice of wisdom is spoken to those who listen. We must have faith that it is fine to take it "day by day." That the real joy is in the now and that includes the people not the things that surround us.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

Massive rainfall swept through Northwest Indiana today. Course is closed all day. This am between five and six-o-clock, rain was pouring down between 5-6 inches an hour. All the bunkers have washed out, but hopefully all the cottonwood mess got knocked off the trees.

Barney has a new friend, his name is Ralphie. Ralphie is quite the handful, I don't know what we were thinking. He is very cute, sleeps alot, I think he will be a great dog.