Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mother Nature sent me to my room

This week began very good for us. We managed to get many things done that the rain actually helped us to accomplish. We put down grub control in fairways, made applications of CaSi and Gypsum to greens, fertilized some weak areas, and even aerified greens with pencil tines (tines about the size of, you guessed it....pencils, nice playable surface immediately following. The golf course was looking good and we had caught up with the mowing of rough which some members claimed they had lost balls, clubs, and family members in.
Last night brought about another 1 3/4" of rain. This is where the good beginning met the not-so-good middle. We had just finished putting the bunkers back into shape, and now we are wot pumping them again. We are clearing drains and pushing water. Rain is in the forecast for the next three days, hopefully it misses us.

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