Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bunker work

Due to all the heavy rain, our staff has been busy repairing bunkers. We nearly had all of them complete when the storm on Tuesday knocked them back again. We are closing in on having them playable again for the Labor Day monsoon that is predicted.
We have worked to make them nice, so much in fact that some critter has decided to try and make five red it's home. The little monster has torn up the edge in several places trying to burrow in.
Really??? I have never seen damage like this, him and I are gonna have words!
Animal control!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dollar spot fungus

We have been battling the dollar spot fungus. The weather has been awesome for this fungus. Courses all over the area have been sharing photos and discussing the difficulty of control. Look at the photo of this am, even when it sunshines it rains.
We need to dry out!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We deliver

Today is the second round of the ladies nine hole Club Championship. We promised that we would address the issue of overhanging cottonwood. We managed to get this done just in time for this event, as they are playing the white course today. We hope all the ladies find this hole more enjoyable and we now have more of the teeing ground that is usable.
Good luck ladies,

Friday, August 15, 2014

Aerification coming and reasons #127 and 128

August 15th is here, turf managers in the north sigh relief that they have put another season in the books! We now look toward the next round of hectic turf management.....aerification time!
After Labor Day we will begin to aerify tees and fairways, please be sure to bring out some guests before we begin this practice.
Now, the cottonwoods are dropping leaves already! These nasty weeds just finished raining down their snow-like seeds! The seeds are so plentiful, take a look at this rock border of the flower bed, all tiny cottonwood seedlings, yuck!
I declare this week "cottonwoods are ugly weeds week!"
T-shirts and bumper stickers will be available in the proshop,

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Firming up the approach

Approaches to the green are an important component to golf. Proper management of these areas allow for creativity when making an approach shot to the green. I like firm approaches that allow the player to bump a shot up onto the green, or even putt a ball if they desire. Spongy, soft approaches that demand the player fly the ball to the green are no fun.
Last week we verticut the approaches on the blue and the red, and topdressed them with a layer of sand. We will continue to work these areas through the fall and hopefully you notice the improvement in their playability,

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cool hawk, hot turf

I shot this photo of a hawk on three red, I thought it was a cool hawk. Then I saw a really cool hawk, literally! This guy was on one white just hanging out on the path with his talons in the water. We had an irrigation head on and he seemed content to sit and bathe. He never moved as we approached, and he stayed put to have the irrigation head shower him with cool water.
The fairways are beginning to show signs of stress, please watch where you drive carts. We are putting out small stakes to help you identify stressed areas. Thanks for your help,