Friday, May 15, 2015

A buzz at the club...

There always seems to be something buzzing at the club. Unfortunately, the buzzing I've been hearing makes me sad. It's a swarm! Bees swarm when they for a number of reasons, but mainly to produce a new queen. Our queens are not that old, so the swarm is probably due to the lack of a hive bodies being added in a timely fashion (bad bee keeping on my part). I guess the toughest lessons are the ones you learn from.
On to a better buzz......
The humming of golf course equipment. We have received a healthy dose of new equipment! I am very excited, this new fleet should help us maintain some quality playing surfaces. Thanks to my committee and the Board for the dedication to the preservation of our golf course. When you see any of these individuals, please say thanks!
Gotta go, I have to figure out how to get my swarm out of that tree and into the hive,

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