Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My favorite machine

We have over 90 pieces of equipment to maintain our 27 holes of golf. That may seem like a lot, but for those of you who have been to our spring open-houses, seen my power point presentations, or witnessed the beginning of the day at the operation center, you have a better understanding of how complex of an operation we run.
Of the 90 pieces, this machine is my favorite. This machine was the first cultural practice machine that I put on the greens. This little gem is the reason we were able to restore the putting greens here at Briar. Armed with vertical blades, I can wage war on thatch. Excessive thatch will make a surface spongy and puffy.
We are using this machine in the approaches to help firm these surfaces up.
Golf is more fun when the contours of a course make shots interesting.
As we work this year to firm these areas up, we hope you enjoy how this practice changes the game.
Fairways are next, but I'm gonna need a bigger knife,

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