Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why do we hate golf courses so much?

Golf courses have done a tremendous job explaining the environmental benefits of these green spaces, yet it seems like some still view us as all that is wrong in the world. Senseless destruction of property always makes me sad. I feel a greater sense of sadness when that destruction takes place to something I care for or about. The damage below was done on two blue tee Monday night. We are busy today replacing the sod on this area and it will soon go unnoticed.
We have also undergone some damage due to an unauthorized entry in the men's grill area. We are also working quickly to restore this area to the comfortable atmosphere that members enjoy.
We apoligize for any in inconvenience you or your guests may experience as we restore the property.
Thanks for your understanding,
P.S. Look for the benefits of golf series coming next week!

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