Monday, May 11, 2015

Range Tee Opening

The weather plays a huge part in various aspects of a country club. The opening of the range tee to the grass portion is one of those aspects. We want to be certain that the turf is actively growing before we do any damage. It is imperative that the turf can recuperate from any of the damage it receives, prior to opening.
We have a relatively small grass tee at the driving range here at Briar Ridge, but a small effort on the players part can make a huge difference in the quality of that space.
Below is a photo of three sets of thirty divots. Please note the middle section of the photo. This is how we would like you to utilize the range.
Not only does this method reduce the area impacted, it also allows for the fastest recovery.
Please help us as we begin the season by following this simple recommendation:
Place the ball at the back of the previous divot and work backwards in a line. Keep each line separated by a strip of grass.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

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