Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why golf is awesome reason #124

The club is a great place to unwind from all the stress of the daily grind. The beauty and marvel have been in full force. The rainbow was captured Tuesday, and last night I caught my favorite, the mammatus cloud. The mammatus is one of the most distinct and spectacular cloud formations. It consists of pendulous globules of cloud that hang from the underside of the anvil of a thundercloud. These amazingly beautiful creations are always associated with a mature cumulonimbus cloud and that means they indicate dangerous weather. If you observe these clouds on the course, it may be wise to seek shelter and observe these close to safety. Remember, it is every players responsibility to use there best judgement in regards to safety.

The weather has been crazy lately. With almost two inches of rain already this week, and another inch forecasted, it doesn't look like we will be irrigating any time soon. I apologize for any inconvenience that carts on paths restrictions result in. We restrict carts to paths to avoid compaction that results from traffic on saturated soils. You may perceive the course to be "not bad" however, what you don't see is the conditions that the soils are in underneath the turf.
We impose the cart restrictions to ensure your future enjoyment of a quality golf course.
If the forecast is for rain, still come out to the club, it's more beautiful than ever,

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