Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dollar spot and dollar days

It hasn't rained for two days at Briar Ridge!!
We are still experiencing some challenging weather for turfgrass. The cool temperatures and high humidity result in extended periods of leaf wetness. That means fungal growth. Many of you experiencing allergy symptoms due to high mold counts can sympathize with our fairway turf. Dollar spot pressure is high, and this common turf pathogen is out-competing our fungicide spray intervals. Dollar spot is under control for now although you will still see the impacts, small brown circles.
The photo below shows some cottonwood and some dollar spot fungal growth (mycelium). As you can see, the difference is difficult to distinguish.
Speaking of dollars, Dane and the golf staff would love to outfit you! If your going to shoot 100, you might as well look like 100 bucks!!
The golf shop is stocked with some very attractive gear, please check it out and support our club.
I bought some puma shoes and I'm looking pretty hip,

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