Friday, November 20, 2015

"This must be a slow time of year for golf"

We get a different type of busy this time of year. The irrigation blow out went well.....sort of. When irrigation systems fail, they don't break all at once. We are now experiencing a game called "a little further down the line." The next weakness is exposed with each repair. If you recall from the "crime scene" blog, we have some corrosion in metal fittings. Repairs wet made to a section of pipe so that we could winterize. When we hooked the compressor up, guess what we found? If your answer is "the next metal fitting," you win. I believe we will find a 45 degree fitting about ten feet down the line from the last repair. There were air bubbles shooting up all over the place, it would have been pretty cool if I was visiting another course. Being that I was witnessing it at Briar, not so cool.
We were able to winterize, all is good.
Then the rain came.
Our cart paths are not very wide. Moving a house on wheels is not the easiest thing to do in reverse. Pull forward to straighten out, and you are stuck. Two tractors and a hundred foot of chain later.....lift the hitch of the compressor and pull on the back.....unstuck.
We will close the greens this weekend, but we are watching the forecast for thanksgiving, in case we can allow play on them. The course will be closed on the day of the cross country. Please contact the golf shop if you would like to play. The cross county is a great event that you won't want to miss!
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