Thursday, November 5, 2015

Irrigation crime scene and bathroom closing

If you have played 6 white lately you have seen what we call our crime scene. Ribbons, tape, comes, and barricades block off the pump house and more. People have commented that the repair is taking a long time. Welcome to the world of repairing main lines. Not only is the repair on a main line, it is on our drop pipe. The metal pipe has corroded in several places and will need to be replaced. Since this pipe is bolted together, it needs to be fabricated. We have jackhammered out quite a bit of concrete that was supporting the pipe. It is a good thing it is fall and not the middle of summer, which is usually when these things go bad.
The nighttime lows will dip below freezing, that means the course bathrooms will be closing. Sorry for the inconvenience, the halfway bathrooms will stay open a bit longer until we blow out the irrigation system. We still have a few good days left, come out and enjoy it,

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