Monday, November 16, 2015

Irrigation fix and closing of the greens

The fix is in!
Below are a few shots of the parts used and the blocking that must take place on the system. Our irrigation system operates at a fairly high pressure, so anywhere the pipe changes direction must be secured.
It is that time of year again, where we talk about the closing of the greens. We do not want to play on any green with a frozen layer in it. We are watching the nighttime lows and daytime highs. When the greens will have a consistently frozen layer in them, we will close them to play.
Looking at the forecast, that could be as early as Saturday. If there is a chance for a warm weekend over Thanksgiving, the closure will be temporary, and we will open for good weather. Good weather will be nighttime above freezing and above 50 daytime.
We are watching the forecast and will update the blog regularly.
The ladies will be playing cross country on Friday.
We will have another cross country on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving, guests are welcome! This nine-hole event is a blast that you won't want to miss! Two person scramble, pick a partner!
We are blowing out the irrigation system this week, so no, the golf course is not on fire :-),
Yes we get that call.
Have a great day,

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