Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why your friends should join a country club...

#20 The cross country event. In case you missed it, over 30 players carved shots traversing areas no player has experienced before. We had a great day of camaraderie and laughs. This year we played ten holes and even ventured onto the white nine.
We are embarking on a membership campaign here at Briar Ridge. The "Discover Briar Ridge Initiative," was developed by Creative Golf Marketing, a leader in country club membership efforts. The initiative has sparked some interesting internal conversation I have been participating in, and I hope to share this insight with you over my next couple of blog posts.
Country clubs have a great deal of activities and recreation for individuals. Friendships, networking, and competition can be found in abundance at the club. Briar Ridge, like many clubs, stopped telling its own story. Not wanting to be boastful, clubs just quietly existed, weaving a beautiful tapestry through the lives of its members. Fond memories and friendships, laughter and love, family time and parties, the club was always there, it was home.
Fast forward a few years and the technology age moves life along at a pace that will make you wonder where November went. We begin to speak about value. We make value judgements, we speak in terms of cost per visit, per round, per event, per new friendship. We are fascinated by our ability to measure and to justify. We often hear that if a member plays X number of rounds, the cost of membership is Y$ per round.
As we embark upon our membership campaign, I want to share my thoughts of the value of the club. The value of the course, the pool, events, and dining.
Why should your friends join a country club?
Friendship, experience, and recreation.
Tomorrow we will discuss golf. Specifically what is the value of golf at a private club and how do we measure it. We will demonstrate that the price per round is a poor valuation method, and how this thinking is not taking in consideration all the unique reasons why private and public courses cannot be compared with the same measuring device. They are two different products.
Why should your friends join a country club? Well, for today, I can give you fifteen reasons in above the photo.
I love those guys,

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