Friday, December 11, 2015

Why you need to join a country club part 2, Golf

If you missed the introduction to this series of blogs yesterday, please check it out. I have never heard anyone discuss how much their car costs them per mile to drive. I imagine if we made this valuation to cars, there would be a lot fewer choices and the cars would certainly have less luxury features. Yet we seem to hear this type of valuation when it comes to golf. The fact is, that you just can't make that type of valuation to a private club, the golf product that we provide is very different. Not better or worse, just different. How are private clubs different?

#1. The golf course is always reserved for you. Play eighteen, play nine, play three, whatever you can fit it. Didn't make a tee time? No problem, show up and we are here, excited and glad you came.

#2. Respect of the game. Golf is a game of honor and respect, you will find no larger collection of purists. True golf is played by the rules and players call penalties on themselves, the club is a special place with some pretty special people.

#3. Members have a special love for their course. The playing field is cared for and you will find the course in a condition that reflects that passion. This love affair is evident in the mannerism of players as well.

#4. Pace of play. Five hour round? You must have played all 27 at Briar Ridge

#5. Friends. You just found 3 hours to relax, go to the club, someone will be there. You can ask the shop and join up with someone on the course. Pop in the grill and see who is around. There is always a game and always someone to play with. Want to play solo? No big deal, you don't get "paired up" unless you want to. See reason #1.

#6. Competition. Thrive on competition? This essential human need is constantly fulfilled with our professional run events and competitions. Worried it won't be fair? We have a committee to ensure it.

#7. Social events. Not the best golfer, or new to the game? Our social events combine golf and fun. You may only chip and putt, it's a night out in a beautiful setting with good friends and, oh yeah, cocktails!

I am sure I missed a few and I could add so much to the reasons above. The bottom line is that the price per round of golf just doesn't work for a country club. The product is much more than around of golf, it's an experience, a lifestyle. A lifestyle of people and friends I can't imagine my life without, no joke.
They are my family,

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