Sunday, July 17, 2011

The week ahead

This coming week looks like a nightmare. High heat and soaring heat indexes, with thunderstorms. Talk about keeping turf managers on their toes! Not only that, but presidents cup is coming.
We are carefully managing our water, essentially turning the system off and relying on hand watering. Too much water is the recipe for disaster, and will kill more turf than it will save.
How bad is the coming weather?
Last night I had a dream I was sending samples of a green in that was literally dying in front of my eyes. The only turf left was about half the green, and the other half was black soil. It wasn't exactly our course, but it was a third green, which just happens to coincide with a green in which I had the lovely experience of managing basal rot anthracnose on. You may not know what that is, and that makes you one lucky human.
We have raised mowing heights on greens in preparation, .015". That may not seem like much to you, but it is life for Poa / Penncross greens. The good news is.........charge those birdie putts!
Wish us luck!
Restful nights,

P.S. The photo is of 3 red, and it is fine, I checked.

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