Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water management

The current weather pattern is a challenge, some parts of the playing surfaces are dry, and some are good. Now we employ the intensive practice of hand watering. My staff is dragging one inch hose to areas that are in critical need of additional irrigation. Flavio is pictured here turning on water, notice the dry and wilting turf right next to the irrigation head! What you don't see in the photo is the tree that is 20 feet behind it, which may be causing some of the issue. Couple a high traffic area with competition from tree roots, and whammo, the turf loses.
We don't want too much water in this heat, wet wilt will kill grass too.
Say that three times fast!
My friend had a good quote yesterday, " I want a job that if I wake up and it is 80 degrees, I don't care."
I thought that was funny, then again, I have been in the heat a while.

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