Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jacket time

You know it's been warm when.........68 degrees feels cold. That's right, I'm freezing right now. Although we would like to see nighttime lows below 65, I will take 68. Lows at night help the turf recover, and keep certain disease pressure low. The last (I don't know how many, I've lost track) number of days have been a petri dish of conditions for turf disease. Widespread reports of Pythium were abundant, while we experienced outbreaks of dollar spot and brown patch. All major turf areas now are up to date with plant protectant applications, and we feel good about the conditions that came through the first wave of 2011's attempt on my sanity (or what is left).
Turf managers, I predict will see the impacts of the heat and moisture today and tomorrow, meaning......turf areas that were compromised will be observed expiring in the coming day.
In English, turf managers will lose grass today and tomorrow.
Chilly but smiling,

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