Sunday, July 31, 2011

Put on the brakes

To this weather already! Not to the joyriders. Soil probes revealed to us this am, that the water is not moving very fast. We want to see the greens dry up at the surface. Firmer surfaces mean smoother surfaces. We are noticing more ball mark scars an foot-printing on the greens. Saturated soil surfaces also mean that the roots have limited air.......not good. A good shallow spiking may be in order this week. Our spiker is a tremendous tool, it allows the surface to "breathe", and gives us a playable surface with one rolling. I really love that machine. Good luck to the Presidents cup participants, come on out for the shootout.
Congrats to Geoff and Meghan Walker, and Terry and Sharon Werner on on more fledgling!
How you feeling today T?

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