Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Opening greens

We will open greens this Thursday afternoon. Freezing overnight temperatures will mean long delays.
There are two small frozen layers in the greens this am. Once the greens thaw out today, we will roll them in preparation for play. The greens are just beginning to show signs of growth and are creeping out of dormancy. With a low forecasted near freezing on Friday, we will wait until next week to mow. We don't like to shock the plants too much after the first mowing. We like to see the plant respond to the first mowing with a continued gradual awakening out of dormancy. Freezing temps after the first mowing sets the plants back a bit, which we want to avoid.
We will open eighteen holes to begin the season. We will be playing the white and blue.
The first men's league will be this Thursday!
Draw at 4:30
Tee it high,

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