Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunker trenches

One of the winter preparations we make at Briar is the creation of bunker trenches. Recall from summer photos that heavy rains travel over the edge of the bunker, wash the sand away, erode the soil, and deposit the soil in the low area of the bunker. This resulting soil contamination of sand removes the ability to drain. Bunker sand has a finite lifespan as this contamination contributes to the need to replace the bunker sand. We extend the life of our bunker sand with some simple winter practices.
Winter brings the potential to erode and contaminate a great deal of our bunkers. To prevent this situation, we create trenches along the high sides of the bunkers to trap any eroded soil. This "dirt" that is in the channels can be easily removed, the sand pushed to the edge of the bunker, and the integrity of the sand maintained.
As we move to opening the course, we must re-grade the sand to remove our trenches. In the meantime, if you find yourself in one of our trenches, take a drop on me!
Winter rules,

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