Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tie a green ribbon round......

That old ash tree.
Sorry, amazing how something that seemed so good, seems so bad after a couple of decades.
There are trees on the course that are being marked with green ribbon.  These trees are Ash trees or genus Fraxinus. The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is currently a problem in our area.  We have a plan for dealing with this pest, and the first part of the plan is identification of the Ash trees on the property.
The EAB plan is a comprehensive plan and I will share more details as we go forward.  Essentially, we have three components, treatment, removal, and replanting.
Briar Ridge Country Club is committed to the beauty and integrity of the golf course and surrounding property.  The EAB plan is an extension of this commitment.
The photo below demonstrates the damage that the larvae of this insect does to the vascular system of the tree.  The Larvae of the insect work from the top of the tree down, literally choking the tree.  The third photo shows bark that has been flicked off by foraging woodpeckers.  If you have an Ash tree, you can inspect the tops of the canopy for the signs of the woodpeckers feeding.  This is a quick way to determine how great the infestation is.  Treatments are effective and you should consult a professional arborist for more information.  The Indiana DNR  has more information posted at
Please do not remove any ribbon from any trees.
Please help us spread the correct information that the ribbon only indicates the type of tree and is not an indicator of any action to be taken regarding that tree.
I am certain that there will be much discussion about the green tape (as the chef just entered and asked) so please be sure to correct any misinformation.
We will present more detail as we progress into steps 2 & 3.
But for now we are only in step 1, which is identification.
I know you are wondering......
It was Tony Orlando and Dawn,

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