Friday, September 28, 2012

Trees and turf, oil and water

The Midwest drought continues. While we should be focusing on projects such as aerification, we are continuing to hand water areas in the fairways adjacent to trees. Turf quality is impacted negatively by tree roots.
One way that we give the turf some relief is by root pruning. This process involves cutting a trench along the edge of the fairway, cutting the roots that encroach in the turf area.
As golf is a game that is played on turf, the turf quality and health should take precedent when deciding on tree location. Growing quality turf in any situation where the conditions are compromised is going to require greater resources ($$).
Golf courses have some of our countries most stately trees. The effort to properly maintain trees must be put forth to have trees that are mature, healthy, and stately. If a property has more trees than it can afford to properly maintain, the ability to have beautiful mature trees that enhance the landscape, gets increasingly difficult.
Contrary to popular belief, I like trees. I really like the stately tree that stands tall among the landscape. We have some phenomenal trees here at Briar that are lost in the forest.

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