Thursday, September 6, 2012

Introduction to trees

This is the beginning of several blogs on the topic of trees. I would like to set the record straight, I love trees. I think they are wonderful. I even really enjoy certain species and have favorites.
The definition of a weed is a plant that is out of place.
When plants, regardless of their "woody" nature, are out of place, they are weeds. Here at Briar Ridge we have many beautiful trees. We also have plenty of unhealthy and overcrowded ones as well.
Topics that the next few blogs will cover are; tree forms and deformations, canopy, rooting structure, competition, framing, likely hood of long term survival, destruction of assets, playability, and how trees are used in golf course architecture.
I have included some photos as examples of the topics. Can you guess which ones represent which topics?
How many trees do you see with a healthy canopy and proper form?
In the words of my friend, "this is going to be exciting!"

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