Sunday, September 30, 2012

Closing scramble

Today is our closing scramble. What a year 2012 has been!
For golf course managers, it has been the most stressful of years. The weather extremes tested the best of turf health programs. Cultural programs, fertility regimes, and irrigation practices were tweaked and re-tweaked. The thing that made 2012 really difficult was that there were days that exhaustion and frustration took over. Crews left golf courses after long shifts knowing turf loss was imminent, but they had done all they could. I remember telling a colleague that superintendents would not lose their jobs due to turf loss in 2012, but for succumbing to the stress in some way, shape, or form.
Thanks to everyone for your support this year, hope you have a great finish (like the one in the photo;-).
My staff and I appreciate all the kind words and comments. We really enjoy our membership and believe we have the greatest club in the county!

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