Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mosquitoes, skunks, and gall stones

We had just enough rain overnight to send the mosquitoes into a frenzy.  Not enough to go cart paths only, just enough to soak the crew as we thought the showers were past us.  Remember, insect repellent kills turf, please apply in non turf areas.
The summer stress has taken it's toll on turf (not to mention other things), so, the skunks, raccoons, apossum, and the like are out searching for the fall delicacy of grubs.  Whether the grubs are there or not, these rascals like to dig in brown and stressed areas.  Relief from these areas are covered under the rules of golf.
2010 also brought another pest to the world of turf, gall stones.  Not exactly a good time, but the staff at Community took good care of me.  As my nurse put it "gall stones can make you feel like you want to be dead, but a problem with your heart can make you dead," reassurement that I was doing the right thing getting checked out.
What a year,

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