Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heat and humidity to continue

The stress of 2010 continues for turf on golf courses throughout the midwest.  Waterlogged soils and high soil temperatures stress turfgrass root systems and comprise the overall health of the plant.  We continue to be optimistic that our past cultural practices such as topdressing and aerification will help us through this difficult weather pattern.  The USGA has a good article posted on their website, you can view it here.  The above photo is actually from the article.  It is rarely a good thing when a photo of your golf course is included in an article by the USGA (7 red fairway was shown in one several years ago.)  We still have some standing water in a couple of fairways and we continue to push that water to drains.  Turf that remains under water for several hours usually dies.  We will watch the turf closely over the next 7 days and have had to raise mowing heights in response to the environmental conditions.  Hopefully this will pass and we will have a good three weeks in August for great golf.
So far, we are hanging in there,

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