Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cool nights

One of the things that helps the turf recover in the fall is the return of cool nights.  The plants are active doing some dark phase photosynthesis (no, I'm not making this up), and respiration.  Cooler nights help the plant utilize available water better, and quite frankly give it a little break.
Our problem from yesterday was a 110 volt line inside a transformer that was arcing to the transformer cover.  Problem solved, now we have to address the localized dry spots (LDS).  LDS is a neat soil problem, unless you are the one trying to manage it.  What happens is that small areas (foot or so in diameter) become hydrophobic, or water-scared.  These areas will appear in the middle of a well irrigated, even wet area, and will be extreamely dry.
Looks like a great day!
See you on the tee,
P.S. The opposite of hydrophobic is..........wait for it.........hydrophyllic, which is water loving.

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