Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter Turf Inspection

I have been watching the turf carefully this winter.  The mild temperatures have kept total dormancy at bay.  We like to have the turf go entirely dormant.  Dormant turf has a greater cold tolerance, concentrates more sugars in the crown, and makes me feel safe and warm.  Green turf during the winter months, on the contrary, make me not so warm and fuzzy.  I like my turf to have gone through the winter brown and asleep.
So what does a turf nerd do in the winter to check on the turf?

We set up a small scope on a desk and check things out.
We see that we have some turf emerging......

This turf is Poa Annua, or annual bluegrass.  Poa likes to stay active.  This hyperactive little bugger just doesn't want to sleep like it's better behaved cousin, creeping bentgrass.  The photo below shows the right side of seven red green that stays in the shade is actually more active than the left side.  The left side is more exposed to wind and extreme temperatures, which has promoted dormancy.

The concern, for this turf nerd, is that like all of us, turf needs some rest before a big performance.  There is not much time.........go to sleep little poa plant,

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