Friday, February 19, 2016

Top Golf

What do you get when you take a bus, golf, and some good guys?
Top Golf!
Top golf is golf in a video game. Points are awarded the closer you can hit to your target and point values change depending on which target you a mat. We had an absolute blast.
We have to beg Dane to organize another trip and we should fill this bus. Top Golf was such a gas. Thank you Dane and Cory for putting this together.
Thanks to the guys who went, you are the best, I had a great time.
I have seen a lot of golf at briar Ridge and I can't remember the last time I've seen guys hit a shot and drop their club. Believe it or not, this happened within 15 minutes of being at top golf. Dropping a club is not an issue unless you're on the second floor and it goes forward and through a net and down 20 feet into who knows where land.
We can't name names, what happens at top golf stays at top golf,

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