Thursday, June 25, 2015

Twitter, mystery layers, and homemade gnocchi

Who says country clubs are boring??
The golf shop has begun to get new ladies to golf!!! Our get golf ready program is every Wednesday at 5:30, last night we had almost 30 ladies. This program is geared for ladies who are new to the game and want to learn in a relaxing, no stress atmosphere. You can follow Dane and all the action on twitter @ brccgolf.
We have some mystery layers on greens, the soil structure this year is really interesting.  Halfway down the soil profile, some layers appear.  We really like the channels that our fall aerification make, seen in the photo on the left side.  Look for more updates as we investigate this phenomenon further.
Lastly, our culinary team is whipping up some treats for pasta night......hand rolled, fresh gnocchi! Be sure to come out tonight, and avoid the end of the month rush!
See you soon,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dollar spot and dollar days

It hasn't rained for two days at Briar Ridge!!
We are still experiencing some challenging weather for turfgrass. The cool temperatures and high humidity result in extended periods of leaf wetness. That means fungal growth. Many of you experiencing allergy symptoms due to high mold counts can sympathize with our fairway turf. Dollar spot pressure is high, and this common turf pathogen is out-competing our fungicide spray intervals. Dollar spot is under control for now although you will still see the impacts, small brown circles.
The photo below shows some cottonwood and some dollar spot fungal growth (mycelium). As you can see, the difference is difficult to distinguish.
Speaking of dollars, Dane and the golf staff would love to outfit you! If your going to shoot 100, you might as well look like 100 bucks!!
The golf shop is stocked with some very attractive gear, please check it out and support our club.
I bought some puma shoes and I'm looking pretty hip,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prepping for ash removals

Someday, the sun will shine, the turf will dry, and we will be able to drive heavy equipment off the path. In anticipation of that August day, we are transforming our dump truck to handle the debris from the chipper. Our chipper can handle 15 inch trees, which makes removals quick work.
The flying debris is captured in our makeshift box. Using 3/4" diameter PVC pipe, we make supports for a tarp, it's much like making a tent on top of a truck.
Marco is seen repairing the tarp, which typically only makes it half a season.
We will also be removing the remaining stumps as we get caught up and the ground firms up.
Have a great day,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why golf is awesome reason #124

The club is a great place to unwind from all the stress of the daily grind. The beauty and marvel have been in full force. The rainbow was captured Tuesday, and last night I caught my favorite, the mammatus cloud. The mammatus is one of the most distinct and spectacular cloud formations. It consists of pendulous globules of cloud that hang from the underside of the anvil of a thundercloud. These amazingly beautiful creations are always associated with a mature cumulonimbus cloud and that means they indicate dangerous weather. If you observe these clouds on the course, it may be wise to seek shelter and observe these close to safety. Remember, it is every players responsibility to use there best judgement in regards to safety.

The weather has been crazy lately. With almost two inches of rain already this week, and another inch forecasted, it doesn't look like we will be irrigating any time soon. I apologize for any inconvenience that carts on paths restrictions result in. We restrict carts to paths to avoid compaction that results from traffic on saturated soils. You may perceive the course to be "not bad" however, what you don't see is the conditions that the soils are in underneath the turf.
We impose the cart restrictions to ensure your future enjoyment of a quality golf course.
If the forecast is for rain, still come out to the club, it's more beautiful than ever,