Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winterizing small equipment

In a previous blog, we discussed winterization of equipment and specifically carts, now we need to make sure the small engines are cared for. You have a couple of options. 1. You can run all of the fuel out of your equipment, or 2. You can add a stabilizer to the fuel. I like sea foam treatment. You can add it directly to the fuel tank, follow the directions and run the engine for a couple of minutes to ensure the stabilize has reached all the small components of the carburetor. Most equipment that fails to start for homeowners in the spring is due to the gasoline "tarnishing" the carburetor from months of cold storage. Gasoline ages and loses it's "fizz," so be sure to stabilize any fuel that will sit in a container for extended periods. I like to use sea foam in all the two-cycle equipment, it really helps to keep the engine internal components clean. If you haven't done this yet, your behind! It needs to be done before the onset of cold weather.

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