Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year! Hoodies and ice skating

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. The weather is becoming a little more like winter. The golf shop has brought in a few hoodie style sweatshirts to keep you toasty into the next year. These have been popular, so be sure to check them out soon as I don't think they will last long.
I have brought my artistry indoors for the winter. Be sure to check out my "signature hole" on display inside the club. Chef Harry and I teamed up to create a centerpiece for the candy buffet.
Lastly, we are working on the ice rink. Please pay attention to the rink closed signs. The ice takes several very cold days to form. Breaking through the ice with skates on can puncture the liner underneath. Please have anyone who insists the ice is ready, "try" the ice with their boots on and not skates. That said, skates add an enormous amount of pressure as the weight of the person is concentrated in a much smaller area. This weather is not conducive to making ice quickly. Water has a very high specific heat and that means is is slow to cool. I will keep you posted as this week progresses.
Weekend forecast has temps above freezing again.
Have a safe and happy new year!

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