Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter equipment work

The winter is a very important time for northern golf courses. The cold awfulness is filled with preventative maintenance, reel mower grinding, scraping and painting of metal surfaces, and repairs that were put off during the busy summer months.
Golf course equipment functions under some extreme conditions and takes a beating. Washing equipment is important to ensure longevity, with care taken to avoid hot surfaces sucking water into bearing housings. The seals and bearings of equipment are inspected and replaced. Diligent equipment maintenance programs ensure minimal downtime in-season. Course set-up and preparations rely on efficient workflow as we work on a tight timetable. Setup of the course takes place on the open holes right in front of play and any breakdown changes the workflow and must be met with quick decision making and realignment of resources. Just thinking about equipment malfunctions make me cranky and anxious.
One of the most common breakdowns is the orange roller in the photograph. We use this machine three to four times a week and when it breaks down, my hair turns more grey. Yes, it spends that much time in the shop.
Winter is back this afternoon,

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