Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ice rink closed

The warm temperatures melted our ice! Although the cold has returned, it will take a couple of days of cold to freeze the rink solid again.
We also had high winds that buckled the liner blew the kick plates and top rail into the middle of the rink. We will have to retrieve these items. Retrieving the items will cause additional damage to the ice surface. When the surface gets disrupted, we must re-coat the surface several times to get a smooth, safe surface.
Please be patient and keep off the ice until we re-open.
The ice may look solid and it may be cold, but this is going to take a few days.
Again, any disruption to the ice surface will result in additional delays. Please keep off the ice until the closed signs are removed.
We will update the blog at as to when we will re-open.
We appreciate your patience, and are happy that the rink is such a success.

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