Friday, August 31, 2012

While I'm on a bunker roll......

I want to take a moment and explain the curve on the handle of some of the rakes. These rakes were made popular by the notion that 1) they are easier to reach for members with back, hip, or knee problems and 2) the handle stays out of the sand and clean.
It seems that these rakes make many members angry, for they are a popular discussion item. I literally receive more comments about these than anything. Some people think the black handle is what you hang on to, other people will turn the handle sideways so the rake lies flat like all the others.
Please refrain from turning the handle to make the rake lie flat, they are supposed to stay off the ground.
When you are raking the bunker, use the main straight portion of the rake, leaving the curve behind you.
Hopefully this will clear up the purpose of these rakes, then we can get a clear feeling whether we like them or not.
They are beginning to make me angry as well. :-)

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