Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rakes in please

Unlike the USGA, the Briar Ridge Green Committee has no problem with making a decision regarding the placement of rakes. The long standing debate of rakes "in" or rakes "out", is over. Please place the ENTIRE rake inside the bunker. The one photo shows the popular country club placement of heads in, handles out, which makes for a major maintenance headache.
The USGA lack of decision stems from a conflict of maintenance and ruling. Rakes inside the bunker create a problem when a ball is stopped on a steep slope by a rake handle. When the rake is moved, the ball rolls down. If the original lie cannot be recreated, a penalty must be taken. Easy fix; please do not place rakes on steep bunker faces where they will keep a ball in a position that will be difficult for the player to recreate.
Can someone know notify the governing body of golf?
In the current golf economy, we need decisions that make sense, are good for the game, and speak to the challenges the game is facing.
Great job M,

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