Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Important divot mix info

One of the major goals this year is to improve the quality of the range turf. One way we felt we could do this is by changing the type of seed used on the range. The range tee will be seeded to a combination of bluegrass an ryegrass. By combining the fast germination quality of ryegrass with the thatch impact resistance of bluegrass, we hope to provide a better practice area.
The important message for the member is that we will now have two types of divot mix, one for the range an one for the course. The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at the seed in the mix. Bentgrass is nearly invisible in a mix, very tiny seeds and is photographed on the left, at the tip of the tee. In contrast, the blue and rye seeds are much bigger and are photographed to the right respectively.
Please do not take any seed mix from the range to fill up the mix bottles on your cart. We want to avoid any blue/rye contamination in our bentgrass fairways.
The yellow color of the seed is a special coating that retains moisture and aids in germination.
I could go on about rhizomatous rye and fescues and if they have true rhizomes and stolons, but I think you have had enough,

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