Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fairways gone white

You may have noticed a white cast that the fairways have taken on recently.  Closer examination reveals the cause....this little white flower.  The poa annua (annual bluegrass, yes annual!) grass plant is one of the most highly adapted monocots on the planet.  This fierce little competitor has evolved to be successful in numerous growing environments.
The success of poa also lies in its ability to reproduce.  Most plants have an environmental "trigger" that initiates flowering.  Some "triggers" include factors such as photoperiod, temperature, soil moisture, and may even combine factors.  Poa annua has multiple triggers and mainly responds to a number of stresses.  The timing of the poa flower? When it feels like it.
I have never witnessed in my nine seasons here at Briar, the poa in the fairways seeding like it is.
If you are a believer in nature and story it tells like I am, well, remember 1988?
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