Sunday, April 29, 2012

Palmer C. Singleton Jr. Memorial Scramble

Today we remember Palmer, a great advocate of the game, well respected figure in the community, and a great gentleman.  Palmer Singleton was on the search committee that eventually offered me my current position here at Briar.  He was one of the first members of Briar Ridge that I would come to know and one that I will surely never forget.   Behind my desk sits a photo of Palmer and Susie, his high school sweetheart and partner in life's journey.  Palmer C. Singleton, Jr., was born and raised in Hammond IN, served our country in WW II, and returned to Northwest Indiana where he opened his practice of law, raised two children, and served as a volunteer for many charitable organizations. Palmer was an integral part of what led to the building of Community Hospital in Munster. Palmer certainly left his mark on our community. He was known as a good friend to many, a man to rely upon, a man with character.  Palmer also had a lengthy history with pro bono legal services as a frequent volunteer and advocate for legal services for the less fortunate.  Palmer was a prisoner of war in World War II.  The photo is from some of the early work in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, we built bluebird houses with a local boy scout troop.  Palmer was instrumental in the creation of the Audubon Program at Briar Ridge.  The birdhouse and natural area on 2 red was placed there because of Palmer and serves as a reminder of his contributions.  I hope you have a great day. 
I miss you Palmer,
Mr. Good Boss

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