Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Eastern Bluebird and Earth Day

The photo today is of an Eastern Bluebird, a member of the thrush family and a cavity dweller. In the seventies, the population of bluebirds had declined by over 70%. The decline of the bluebird was twofold, increased competition for nesting space by non-native species such as the starling and the house sparrow, and a loss of habitat.
At Briar Ridge, you may notice some bluebird boxes on the course. We currently have three active bluebird nests and on any given day you can see the most wonderful powder blue color flitting in the trees. There is also several hollowed out branches that the bluebirds call home. If you ever see a dead branch that is not posing a safety hazard, it may be left in place intentionally to provide a cavity for these creatures.
The golf course is a unique place that can provide a community many benefits of "green space."
We have come along way from the days of the "silent spring."
Hugging a tree,

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