Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Golf course superintendent learns about ice

This year has and continues to teach me lessons.
I had some idea of the difficulties of making good ice. I did not know the extent to which natural ice does not want to be smooth. Rapid dropping temperatures coupled with wind, means that the water will freeze in a wave action form. Snow can also fall into the rink, and if the top is thawed, it makes slush. Slush that freezes has air pockets, and is really bumpy.
We are going to get it smooth though!
The rink will be ready for skaters this afternoon. Please come out and enjoy the fruits of our labor.
The orange cones that will be at the end of the rink, are good for young skaters that need support. Encourage them to put both hands on the top of the cone, and push the cone along the ice. I like the cones better than chairs, because if you fall on the cone, it simply gives way. Pushing the cone happens with the inside of the feet, not in a typical walking fashion.
It's a winter wonderland,

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