Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Briar Ridge ice rink

The rink is waiting for the cold weather tonight and tomorrow. Lights are installed on the ends and can be turned on via the timer shown in the photo. There are four two by fours coming out of the ground at each corner of the rink. The timer switch is located on a two by four at the corner that is closest to the halfway house. Simply turn the dial clockwise, and wa la, light!
There are benches for your comfort.
I wanted music and lights that changed to the music, like the Christmas decorations that you see on the Internet. I also suggested a disco ball, but I haven't figured out the mounting, and after the whole camera falling out of sky at the Iowa vs. Oklahoma game, I did not want to chance clobbering some poor kid with shiny shards of glass. As if slipping around on ice with knives tied the bottom of your shoes is not challenge enough!
Hockey stop,

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