Friday, June 10, 2011

Fwd: Oh big river

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Rains have caused Hart ditch to swell and come over it's banks.  This photo is from the end of two blue fairway.
We need the river to go down so that the water on the course does the same.  Right now, you cannot navigate the path on 8 blue fairway, the water is up over the path.

The greens are saturated, and we are not able to get on them just yet.  I am hoping that the rain to the west stays away and they will drain.  If the rain does miss us, and they do drain, we will open.  I am optimistic that by 10 am, we will be preparing the course.  I will keep the BRCC Turfgrass Facebook page updated with that progress.  We will be on the cart path when we do open, and realistically we be that way all weekend.   We are out moving as much water as we can, and we really need the rain to stop.

Check out the Briar Ridge turfgrass Facebook page for more photos.

Don't forget your personal floatation device,

Sent from Erwin's phone, please excuse grammar and punctuation.

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